Yukon Summer Music Camp

Pop Orchestra: Strings and More!

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Love contemporary music? Play a band instrument? Something with strings? Percussion? Piano? Join this incredibly exciting class where strings meet wind and everything in between.Come and help create orchestral arrangements of songs you sing along to on the radio when you think no one is watching!

If you’ve been playing in the All City Band, with the Fiddleheads, Suzuki Violin or learning percussion, piano, or another instrument that fits, this is the gig for you!

You’ll broaden your understanding of your instrument, your relationship with other musicians and your band leader.

At the end of the week, Pop Orchestra Strings and more will join Pop Orchestra Brass and more for some serious fun ‘putting it all together’.

Requirements: Age-13+ years, one to two years of regular playing

Location: Yukon University- A2101

When: Monday to Friday, 5:00pm - 5:55pm

Cost: $95.00 $85.50

Teacher(s): Nico Stephenson

Seats Taken: 4 / 20

Minimum Age: 13.0

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