Yukon Summer Music Camp

Earlybird Special

Early Bird Registration deadline is
Sunday May 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM

Registration Deadline

Final registration deadline is
July 17, 2021 at 11:59 PM

Waiting List

If the class you want to join is full
please email to join the waiting list.


The brochure is not yet ready

Yukon Summer Music Camp classes are held each year at Yukon College and Yukon Arts Centre

COVID-19 Info

Hey Music Campers! Once again, it's strange times indeed, but we are not letting something like a global pandemic stop us from having a fun and SAFE Yukon Summer Music Camp!

In order to make sure that everyone not only feels safe but is safe, we have put the following protocols in place for Camp 2021.

  • You don’t feel well? - Cough, sniffles, been out of Territory or around folks who have? STAY HOME! Your teacher will also be monitoring your health (looking for sniffles and coughs), and you will have to leave the class if we suspect you are ill.
  • Classes are small this year - Keeping in line with territorial health regulations, all our classes will be limited to 10 people including instructors.
  • Distancing - We will have spots on the floor where you can stand or sit - and constant reminders to keep your distance from other campers (while remaining friendly and courteous of course)!
  • Timing - classes are 55 minutes long and there is a 15-minute break between each class to allow for sanitizing, so please exit your classes in a timely fashion so we don’t fall behind.
  • Sanitizing! - All classrooms and instruments will be wiped down before and between sessions.
  • Hand washing - Wash your hands before each class (and during if needed). Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom.
  • Singing classes - Keeping in line with territorial health regulations, singing classes will have a limited number of participants. Each participant will get their own mic cover.
  • Instruments - All participants will bring their own instruments - no rentals this year (with the exception of drum kit, piano and rock band classes).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at yukonsummermusiccamp@gmail.com and we will respond promptly.