Yukon Summer Music Camp

Bass Ukulele

Dsc 3796

The Ukulele Bass is tuned the same as a regular acoustic or electric bass.
However the smaller size and the "rubber" strings make it a much more accessible instrument.
It's a lot easier on the fingers of both hands. And it's nowhere near as big and heavy.
and it sounds GREAT!!
We'll learn:
- the names of the strings;
- how to tune the bass;
- the notes within the first LH position on the fretboard (frets 1-5);
- and begin with some simple 1 and  2 chord songs in basic open string keys.
We'll talk about the role of the bass in an ensemble or band and - with any luck at all - work up some 'walking' bass lines and a couple 3 & 4 chord songs.


Must bring your own Ukulele and amp. 


Location: Yukon University- A2601

When: Monday to Friday, 2:00pm - 2:55pm

Cost: $95.00 $85.50

Teacher(s): TBA

Seats Taken: 0 / 8

Minimum Age: 10.0

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