Yukon Summer Music Camp

Harmonica - All Levels with Mr. Slade

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The world’s second most portable instrument. Put it in your pocket and go!

Over the five lessons you’ll learn to hold the harmonica properly, and how to breathe in and out to make great sound! Steve will start with some very simple basic songs to get you going, and then help you learn a few riffs you can play over blues and rock songs. When you’re finished you’ll leave with all sorts of songs to practice and play. Every day Steve will bring in a variety of harmonicas, big and small for your ‘harmonical edification’.

Requirements: Age 12+ years, no experience necessary

Bring your basic 10-hole diatonic harmonica (key of C) or bring $20 to buy one from Steve at your first class

Location: Yukon College Room T1023

When: Monday to Friday, 5:40pm - 6:40pm

Cost: $95.00

Teacher(s): Steve Slade

Seats Taken: 1 / 12

Minimum Age: 12.0

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